Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meet Happy Herb & The Spice Gals


Our product history and our plans for SUCCESS:

It all started with a behind the closet door shoe organizer! It was cheaply made and shoes always fell out of the pockets. Eventually, the stitching came loose around the pockets and seams. So, I began to think of different uses for the shoe organizer and soon enough, with the advice of some friends, Happy Herb & The Spice Gals was born.

Do you love fresh, all natural, organic herbs, vegetables and flowers? We do. And now with  Happy Herb & The Spice Gals, it's never been easier. 

We use high quality, mold, mildew and rot resistant canvas material. We are looking into alternative natural materials like bamboo or hemp and we are also looking at using recycled coffee bean burlap bags. But for our initial product launch, we are using natural canvas. Each pocket will have one small drain hole, to reduce the chance of root rot. And we will be offering seed packs for a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers, selected for specific geographical regions.

We will be launching the product on our e-commerce site, blog, through social media, an inbound marketing campaign and a series of live event showcases and press releases in March of 2017. The plan is to push for a big intro/launch for Mother's Day 2017. Happy Herb & The Spice Gals will also be available through other sites, select retail stores and we will be participating in an affiliate marketing program. 

A booklet (all content will be available on our website) will accompany the product - providing information about different planting options and how to make this experience a family project. Creating the opportunity to participate in quality family time is very important to us! 

We are also planning on producing original music and a music video starring Happy Herb & The Spice Gals singing about herbs, vegetables, flowers and how much fun it is to create your new garden. Additionally, we anticipate securing the endorsement from a variety of foodies - influencers/celebrities.

Our long term goal is to bring the manufacturing process home to the US - but it's a process and very difficult finding suppliers and manufacturers to make our product cost effective and competitive. For example, canvas is made in India! We are looking into manufacturing the product in India - cost per unit is higher than China, but better quality and manufacturing process and lower quantity in orders. China is less expensive than india, but minimum quantity is much higher than india. We have no mills in the US producing canvas - mills have closed all across the country. I find that so sad and disappointing. 

Our key team members:
Creative Director
I am Dennis Gelbaum and I am currently the CEO, Executive Creative Director of ramp it up entertainment. ramp it up entertainment is a full service creative boutique and brand experience agency and multimedia production company providing services and resources to clients in more than 100 countries!  Dennis Gelbaum

My focus is on telling our story, (advertising, marketing, promotions, PR and live events), product development, designing and implementing a website with e-commerce capabilities, creating our social network and producing multimedia content. With an emphasis on brand performance and inbound digital marketing strategies, I know how to digitally promote a product/business.  My speciality has been in launching products. (Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit, Guitar Hero, City Folks - Animal Crossing, Nintendo DS, Bazooka Bubble Gum, X-Men, Power Rangers, Dodge Caravan - just to name a few...)

I like to think of myself as a marketing mixologist, blending the perfect combination of marketing communications from a full-service bar of interactive and integrated resources. My experience has taught me that to do it right, to engage and influence a brand’s target audience, the path to success requires equal parts art and science, creativity and strategic thinking.

Lead by Tommy Hilfiger veteran Mark Mangogna. Mark was Hilfiger Design Director from 1996 - 2006, where he designed entire collections for specialty retail as well as outlet stores and sourced production globally. As owner and founder of Ironbound Denim, Mark has been in the fashion business since the 1990s. In 2009, Mark started his niche company—which manufactures authentic, premium American-made denim jeans after a decade working for Tommy Hilfiger. Mark is responsible for design, sourcing and production, manufacturing oversight for Happy Herb & The Spice Gals. 

Sales and Merchandising:
Veronica Jones is an experienced retail industry professional who brings over 25 years’ experience in the retail and wholesale community. As a retail consultant she has created strategic alliances between retailers, manufacturers and designers, focusing on product development, branding, buying and selling. Veronica has relationships with upper management in major stores and upscale specialty stores targeting the luxury and contemporary markets. 

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